Killing #CoronaVirus

Wild horses and Executioners.

The State lies to the people and delights in destroying liberty.

The most sinister aspect of government during any stated crisis is: (1) government’s inability to keep the people safe and not be the catalyst or cause of true crisis; and, (2) government pretending there is no cure to or victory over the stated crisis outside of government, therefore: “Only listen to the uncreatives in government and not the creatives (the people) whom instituted government.”

The people have for certain coexisted, persisted, and even overcome every virus for which the universe has thrown at mankind; and, not succeeded due to chance or so-call modern government, medicine, or technology; in-fact, the only modern improvement to government over the last twelve thousand years is the revelation of the philosophy of liberty teaching of a government restrained by their collective role in preserving the equal rights, or liberty, of each individual.

What I am discussing is widely accepted as common sense for any free-thinking individual; and, certainly accepted as common sense for the remnant of Americans defending the philosophy of liberty and standing as the hedge against that force that would otherwise erase every nation and peoples in an instant (as witnessed by the lies of the tyranny we face being used for an illegal destruction of The Middle East.. for starters).

For ages people knew Garlic as a method of warding off vampires and plague.

Now we know Garlic, when fresh-minced, produces a compound called Allicin which can totally degrade after one hour without consumption so it must be consumed after about ten minutes of the minced garlic remaining in a pile in order to effectively enter the blood-stream and absolutely annihilate pathogens and virus’; again, common sense is required here since we can know processed sugar and modern bread to be the enemy of wellness, along with excessive or improper application or source of a remedy, and especially during a personal health crisis.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Black Elderberry, Oregano, Rosemary, Thyme, Basil, Ginger, Ginseng, Colloidal Silver, Olive Leaf, and quite literally every herb bearing seed available to man will help to sufficiently kill pathogens and virus’ upon consumption; even the most advanced; thus, let good habits be the remedy to bad health and bad government and not the thing for which government criminalizes and uses as an excuse to draw and rack the least of us until we all succumb to the same avoidable fate.

Naturally a set of applicable knowledge and initial or viable standard of health applies to succeed remedying an individual of illness; though, personally, from my experience: garlic was more than sufficient to rid my body of advanced pneumonia where all other hard-hitting anti-virals failed or, rather, stopped from worsening but could not pull me out of the trenches (I coughed blood for nine months; forty-eight hours after making an effort with garlic the blood and lung tissue I coughed up ceased redness and became gray until totally stopping after one week); though, I am skeptical whether Apple Cider Vinegar is not the true catalyst to succeeding an effective course of remedy since it had an apparently immediate effect in sufficiently stabilizing and temporarily disabling my fever or otherwise killing the bacterium aiding the pathogen or virus’ in their degeneration and destruction of bodily functions; primarily targeting the lungs and nervous system (torture by illness/illness by torture).

Americans are so easily controlled now, perhaps because they want to perish for lack of knowledge, that a literal mob may appear outside of my window after publishing this article demanding that I produce resources or credentials sufficient to their standards and not mine in order to prove the effects on the topics for which I speak; however, it is common sense that will win in the end and there is a rising standard in America of Americans whom know what I am discussing is not a pretend knowledge, unobtainable understanding, or hype; in-fact, this is common sense and a certain remnant of me mourns and is propelled by, more than once per day, for the extreme demand for common sense, and love, in our nation.

Look at the Communists in China and the government spraying them all with chemicals like bugs and forcing their economy to come to a halt; look at their ancestors and the happiness of liberty they refused to pursue.

Do the psychopaths in our government really expect us, the most fierce and tenacious people to emerge in modern civilization (though we are faced with a multitude of unthinking Americans aimed at spoiling mankind’s coming together for peace and prosperity: true freedom of speech and true freedom of religion), to do as the Communists and surrender the millennia of efforts of our fathers to see a world free from tyranny and with liberty for every individual upon the face of this earth?

Have Americans really forgotten this war? Sure: the state-controlled churches now teach the people that Christ won the war; therefore: “Sit at home, eat chemically-processed food, and watch television until dementia and adult-diapers sets in.”

Killing Corona Virus has more to do with Americans needing to learn to strike apathy from their habits and become real human-beings again: passionate individuals historically opposed to war and wholly for a nation of commerce with all and alliance with none; self-governance and not a big-brother, nanny-state, like China, wherein the people act as the state’s pet tarantula literally fed bugs and man’s best friend on every street corner while their government torments the world with innumerable torments.

Real Americans are not pretenders.

I am not going to pretend I do not know how to kill virus’ and pathogen nor will I pretend to be in a cross-eyed malaise when discussing these issues with today’s predatory general public who are already preparing to get in line for government shots (which were created to perfectly match this virus before the world first knew of it’s infection), support nation-wide martial law and seizing of all firearms, and even live in a government reeducation-camp and be gassed in that camp; no, this is not the role of government and is the antithesis of the American revolution which has perpetually persisted with identifiable borders, physical and spiritual, since our nation’s founding.

The world ought to be shocked to know this virus has HIV artificially added in; but, keep funding gene-splicing; nano; pico; femto technology: how stunning and brave of you.

The world ought to be shocked to know the State Department is littered with Google Executives and the national security state doubled three times under Obama; and, to know this security state is perfecting the art of stealing data, or socially-engineering us into worshiping their devices, to control us and slowly degrade our good conscience unto surrendering our rights and being one hundred percent predictable in a Truman-Show-like dystopia.

The world ought to be shocked to know the same general public in America waiting for government to give them an answer are also okay with not having a first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, or tenth amendment anymore.

The world ought to be shocked to know The Patriot Act is unpatriotic and effectively erases the fourth amendment though this power can only transfer from the people into wicked hands for nefarious purpose.

The world ought to be shocked to know government lies to them as early as possible and delights in destroying their civil liberty as often as possible.

The world will be shocked to know for all of these reasons addled people run in circles for fear of a virus that is killing old people and receiving Greta-Thunberg-like-star-treatment, while compelling and dramatic footage emerges out of China (be a good anti-American and believe everything you see from the Chi-coms), and in no way simulates a “thermonuclear pandemic,” that the remnant of Americans opposed to the technocratic elite bearing an obvious plan to erase the core understanding of the philosophy of liberty, the free nations of the world, and our American revolution: we still exist; we are the pink elephant in the room; the foretold remnant that was, is, and always will be; and, we are on the march and our enemy is on the run; and, any plans to use this virus, or any crisis, as an excuse to destroy our liberty will be met with the invincible zeal.