#CoronaVirus2020 and Leftist-Conservatives

This Once Was Paradise
Excuse Me, Your Tutelageness

We live forever and our spirit is eternal and that is what makes war profitable is that an ever-present plague on earth separates men from the knowledge of the holy spirit which is at-hand with the power to alter destinies and correct civilization’s course from demise. The trouble of evil; the trouble of war; is that these troubles are from God and traverse the present state of affairs.

Victory for our liberty movement is in the knowledge of the holy spirit seeing adversity and knowing composure will tread down the false tutelage of the false controllers of reality using the state as a bludgeoning tool against common sense and the rights of the individual; yeah, a false tutelage with the attitude of dominating popularized narratives and exercising cognitive dissonance as the means for quiet libel campaigns and public political persecutions.

The world dies a thousand deaths each day for their false god of tranquility and wealth; this false religion is it’s own hysteria and when this religion is looked at as though it were a map which people blindly follow then it becomes crystal clear that the world would succumb to the mass hysteria of “Corona Virus” instead of acquiring the knowledge of our ancients which learned long ago how to defeat illness.

The State is not only the government: the state is as well the minds whom follow the state blindly and are that indifferent state-of-being and state-of-mind contained within a box whose perimeters read: “Impossibility.”

The compound Allicin from minced Garlic kills pathogen and virus; and, so will Colloidal Silver; and, virtually every herb on earth which God provided man with the creation of this realm.

The American government is so crooked and hijacked that a nation who once knew to abstain from taxation now allows untold fortunes to pay for their own propagandization with firms now unloading decades of wealth per year to convince the American people to ignore God’s knowledge appertaining health, libel anyone that would speak of such common sense, and worship every last drop of inverted Satanic dribble the state promotes with the false banner of: “Safe and Effective.”

The hysteria surrounding Corona Virus is unprecedented.

Gary Heavin appeared on Infowars 11 March 2020 hours after His meeting with Texas’ Governor Abbott and stated Abbott is planning to shut down all Texas schools in three weeks time.

What is next: total road closures? No traffic nation-wide? Martial law? Door-to-door gun confiscation? Foreign Militaries? Government food-trucks? War-time curfew? Black curtains, drone-strikes, and genocide? Civil war? Mass death? The burning of Rome?

Anger, economic depression, and uncertainty is on a rolling boil across every state. Where there is no anger, economic depression, and uncertainty there is only the pomp and vain spirit of delusion. Vengeance is knocking from the gaits of Heaven; perhaps the Internet has trained the public into an artificial dementia wherein stream-of-thought and common sense problem-solving ceases to exist and only a convulsing reactionary insecurity and viciousness persists.

The National Bouncyball Association (NBA) has cancelled it’s 2020 season (We really could use you to fight tyranny: Mark Cuban; you know: historical events; manly tings); universities in Ohio are shutting down; churches; schools; grocery-stores; entry into the U.S. from Europe cancelled (Except the U.K.? Infected migrants can still travel from the U.K.. right, so..): all for a flu-like virus that wanes in comparison to the hostility and morbidity of the common flu and pneuomonia.

Who is next? The National Funnyball Assocation (NFL)? Our world’s most elite Chess players have begun to self-quarantine; even calling for tournament cancellations. Will we soon witness a cancellation of the voting booths therefore a cancellation of the 2020 Presidential election wherein the State enacts illegal powers to assassinate or remove President Trump and install an open puppet state to go state-to-state and cull every last defender of liberty?

Of course, then there is the whole aspect of the national security state using this phenom as an online national-security drill to algorithmically war-game and mitigate against the virality of parabolic crypto-phonetic ideation or other online ideological raids whether planned or from a mysterious spiritual origin or overall visceral energenetic response to the falling away of civilization.

The media’s ability to so easily inject mountains of well-funded energy into hypnotizing the apathetic and bitter American public into (though this hysteria is world-wide at the moment and comes at a time of the United Nations causing war and intentionally moving millions of infected refugees into European nation-states) elevated states of pithy interest and intensified, star-studded, Stockholm-Syndrome-like, emotions until the avarice or indifference of society matches the standard of programming from the mass media so the media-military-industrial-complex can then deliver the next dose of contrived travail; quite literally this is the painted image of the nanny-state: the clear energy of the most vicious masculine brutality contained in a disguise of a feminine authority-figure filling the cup of the people with it’s tea of trans-cultural poison; trans-this; trans-that; an inversion of common sense and morality at the lowest and highest order of geopolitics and peaceful and pure religion.

The trans movement is so effective that the hysteria is trans-partisan; in-fact, both the Democrats and Republicans are trans-partisan.

The Democrats are not democratic: they agree to warfarism to leverage welfarism from the public largess.

The Republicans are not republican: they agree to welfarism to leverage warfarisms from the public largess.

I agree with President George Washington: (1) Ban political parties and factions (2) Political parties are as much a plague on earth as war for faction and war are as one; as is a neck and a head; a bride and a groom; a right and a duty.

This apathy I speak of: what do the fake liberals and fake conservatives think they get out of being fake and lying? They both, as a majority, overwhelmingly enjoy violating the trust of the individual’s good conscience; of the spirit of independence itself even. Perhaps the programming runs as deep as manufacturing blindness to human emotional contact. They are not living the American dream: they live a nightmare and their philosophy is nightmarish; fake people with self-serving popularity-contest-agendas (the opposite of the animating contest of liberty): illegally militarily occupying and genociding the world, mostly The Middle East (particularly leveraging Afghanistan and Iraq to erase Syria with U.S. funded terrorist organizations like AlQaeda, PKK, Kurds, Turkey, NATO, the state of Israel (there is no constitutional authority for Foreign Aid despite what the anti-constitution, anti-American, leftist-conservatives constantly repeat)), while impoverishing the people at home and forcing them into mass hysteria to accept total communism as the security to protect them from their own liberty their fathers died to acquire for the futurity of mankind.

Imagine the public decided to abolish The Federal Reserve and refused the narratives of the main-stream media and marched into Congress until The Federal Reserve was ended, taxation was abolished, the wars did end, Julian Assange is free, America did live up to it’s name and stopped being a slave under the bondage of Satan. With more than three hundred million Americans out of three hundred and fifty million watching seventy-eight thousand hours of television in their life-time I tremble for what is self-evidently crashing against our shores; and, it is not the Corona Virus crashing against our shores; it is central banking, standing armies, the abandonment of the spirit of our republic and the liberties for which it stands.

Earth is perfect insofar as I agree with God. America once was paradise when comparing it to any other nation on earth. Travesties happen everywhere all of the time. Human abduction is exploding across America. Satanism, Satanic churches, the spiritual gaits of hell are opening and flooding our lands: babylonian villains of every order and from every decree. America’s constitution is not the cause of these things; especially when the constitution is openly ignored by the Democrats and the Republicans.

Imagine a world of individuals with equal rights that refused to violate the rights of every individual: in that world is no taxation for the world of charity and love purifies and keeps separate the church and the state.

America does not spiritually profit from arrogant and stupid fake conservatives wearing cheap perfumes, crooked smiles, and dazzling eyes of perdition hijacking the liberty movement and calling it the Trump movement in order to be just another level of control keeping the Americans from ending The Federal Reserve and bringing the troops home in order to restore our near-perfect republic.

If our founders believed in statist nationalism they would have put WASHINGTON on the coins instead of Liberty. What is the fruit of American conservatives today? Millions of abortions, global war, total incompetence and ineptitude and lack of knowledge of the ideas that founded this nation; back-biting; lying; hypocrisy; a public so child-like, hostile toward liberty, and faction-oriented no rebuke is sufficient to properly assess their demoralization of the men in this nation correcting their Satanisms disguised as Christianity.