SyrianGirl: Why Black Lives Matter Is A Colour Revolution

SyrianGirl: Why Black Lives Matter Is A Colour Revolution

SyrianGirl: Why Black Lives Matter Is A Colour Revolution

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From SyrianGirl’s YouTube Upload: “Youtube took down the first video so this is my second upload! They didn’t tell me why they took it down, so i’ve made an adjustment and used a mainstream media source for the starving Yemeni children. Let’s see if this one survives. 0:57 black votes 1:47 Media inciting 2:44 democrat hypocrisy 3:52 Media support 5:18 Corporate and Hollywood support 6:23 Israeli infiltration 7:56 Syria’s experience 8:35 The Antifa 11:46 The Alternative.”

They believe they are creating an ‘anarchist socialist utopia’. In reality they are behaving as the foot soldiers for Israel’s Oded Yinon Plan: to balkanize Syria and prevent it from accessing it’s own resources such as oil and wheat. I warned for years that they would go to Syria, get military training, and eventually try to replicate their “revolution” in the U.S.; in fact, the people behind the “CHAZ” autonomous zone” say they are using Rojava as a template. Now Trump claims he will label ANTIFA as a terrorist organization yet the U.S. military is still supporting them and the YPG in Syria. When Trump tried to pull out of Syria-all the liberal Zionists-people who fuss about the poor and anarcho-Communist groups that would be abandoned. Of course he capitulated and is currently occupying Syria’s oil fields. It is important for the Zionists to glorify Rojava to the left where ethnic-cleansing of non-Kurds such as Arab and Syrian Christians has been happening; it is their bleeding-heart story to maintain the empire’s occupation of Syria. This has been decades in planning. The ideological force behind The Occupy Wall Street movement, the C-H-A-Zed autonomous zone, and The Syrian Kurds was a Zionist by the name of Murray Bookchin who was especially influential to Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan who is listed as a terrorist by The United States; in fact, Israel was built on anarcho-Communist autonomous zones called “Kibbutz.” Even before World War II European Zionists came to Palestine as illegal immigrants and began living off of these “Kibbutz.” Joseph Trumpeldor who later became a hero of the Israeli right declared himself an anarcho-Communist. Noam Chomsky was apart of the Zionist Kibbutz movement and unsurprisingly he calls for the U.S. occupation of Syria to be maintained in order to create a Kurdistan. So they are repeating a template they used to create Israel to create a second Israel called Rojava, Kurdistan, in Syria; and, now they are doing it in the U.S.