The Freedom Idiot

The Freedom Idiot

The Freedom Idiot

American society is in peril.

Our nation was founded not for country but for the fight for human liberty until that plague of war we call Tyranny vanishes.

The animating contest of liberty is the tempestuous sea for which we the living compete upon in order for a true governance to establish itself on earth as it is in Heaven.

Who then is that freedom idiot but that person who repeats that word freedom as an excuse for atrocity while not knowing the word or philosophy of liberty which established the abundance for them to today be totally wrong without any obvious war-like rebuke–their ideology is as it were that very opposition to human liberty through their very clear support for an endless design of hostilities against that which is eternally unalienable.

The freedom idiot has been sold a bill of sales by off-shore globalist mass-murderers that not only comes with a set of beliefs inherently and historically opposed to life on earth but as well is designed to stir them into provocations and death by having their false ideas opposed with the truth of countervailing knowledge as it’s highness flatten their narratives to naught.

(Musk loves you. He only wants your brain connected to autonomous killer drones and The Internet of Things (IoT). His patriotic comments totally make up for what the devices that he and the governments funding him are actively designing. Accept your mark of the beast, wear your mask, and shut up Americans. Enslavement is good. Communists know best because their systems outlast the rest. Do not study American History or the two thousand years which led up to the previously unfathomable victory of 4 July 1776. Comply and shut up. Obey and sit down.)

Why should anyone trust the freedom idiot? Who does the freedom idiot respect? A mass murderer? A sadomasochistic nation? So many of them claim to worship Jesus while at the same time claiming rights come from government and not from God. What a total inversion of reality. Our founding fathers told us to not meddle in the affairs of foreign nations; to have no foreign entanglements; no entangling alliances; commerce with all; and, alliance with none. These are principles and eternal truths that all people of the world ought to live by; in fact, these are the only principles upon which life thrives without the subterfuge of the many philosophies streaming from the cult of death; yeah, all sorts of isms and systems involving the theft and fraud of the rights of the individual under the guise of a social-contract nullifying the very eternal principles standing upon their own merit though this New World Order fire it’s fiery darts and arrows at us in an open attempt to defy reality and the truth with it’s veil of darkness or untruth.

From wars to a failing currency: all of this can be tracked back to our Economic and Foreign Policy which The President is elected to preserve from the corruptions of outside distortion and misinterpretation. Instead we are oppressed by a central bank funding a standing army with it’s own swarms of agencies oppressing the American people under the guise of national security or traditionalism (old systems of tyranny reintroduced to a naive public after America’s founding). Almost eighteen million government employees have illegally captured our nation and are now instructing eighty percent of our nation to the forced-labor of being imprisoned within their own home; and, all of this rubber-stamped by the freedom idiot who could not care less about what their founding fathers stood for or what the men and woman of this earth fought so earnestly to preserve in the millennia of righteous self-sacrifice which was the purchase and birth of our own life to see what unfolds today and in the hereafter.

What nation on earth today is not the result of the erasure of another?

How many forgotten tongues, lands, and truths have oceans swallowed or the oligarchs torched?

A giant bureaucracy sits atop our once free Republic and the freedom idiots argue over how to most quickly put the unconstitutional agencies into motion in order to allow them the freedom for more devotional hours toward their bread and circus; e.g., scripted gossip and toxic food. What chance do they so arrogantly and ignorantly believe they stand to gain? Have the freedom idiots even considered forever? How many of them claim to worship Jesus then skip over his entire gospel by paralyzing their spirit to the frozen image of what Christ himself came to rebuke? To follow Christ is to know liberty and freedom from sin. The freedom idiot is it’s own church and congregation screaming on it’s way to a shallow hell. How many Christians did the freedom idiot’s false religion bomb while claiming to do so for Christianity?

The knowledge of God is self-evident. The wisdom of our forefathers exposes the anti-American and anti-Liberty warmongering tyrants of today.

Why should I or anyone trust this freedom idiot who can not even meet at square one of what our founders advised and what was set into motion for us to keep and preserve? What earnestness for truth and justice can they show when their mouth regurgitates tyrannical propaganda? The freedom idiot, like the left, hides behind anonymous sources; burnt offerings; bitter fruit.

The freedom idiot stands idle in this world insofar as to go against God is idleness since God shall stop them. We who can articulate a nation of peace and prosperity inherently and historically oppose taxation, war, and standing armies as we are that remnant the world knows to exist; and, even the freedom idiot instinctively knows they will not ever destroy us for our meekness is not in ignorance or quietness but strength and temperance in showing the knowledge of God and the fortitude and steeliness which treads the false philosophies in the field of war so that the proof of God is in the inheritance of the earth to those that side with God’s law and not the corruptions and statutes of man portending pledges of allegiance, claims of national security, or patents of nobility above God; in truth, absolving taxation and recognizing equal and unalienable rights is what flattens the tyrannical hierarchies and establishes an earth of gods in meditative worship of the one and true living God of this universe.

One of the most telling false virtues of the freedom idiot is that rights come from government and not from God. They, in their own words, support Freedom of Speech but not Freedom of Religion which is an oxymoron since Freedom of Speech provides for Freedom of Religion; and, although reiterating Freedom of Religion is necessary–it’s self-evident message still eludes the thick neanderthal skull of the freedom idiot–not for the abundance of complexity in the message but rather their willingness to unsucceed–to believe lies and to be deceived by the deceived and their chief liars.

The freedom idiot supports bombing foreign citizens because in their mind only Americans have rights and not individuals.

The freedom idiot thinks the number 17 (e.g.: “17=Q”) is telling them something; and, the open provable crimes and precedent upon which we seek justice for in order to restore our republic is the canard.

Dear Freedom Idiot,

Oprah’s house was not raided nor was there a discovery under her house of miles-long underground tunnels filled with children; Tom Hanks was not imprisoned in an Australian hotel with his wife; and the number 17 is not delivering millions of you into some sort of patriotic Occult (was there ever a greater oxymoron than a patriotic Occult?).

According to the freedom idiot: terrorists have no rights. By their own definition the traitors of our Republic have no rights yet they applaud bombing who the media tells them are the terrorists (yeah: the people that aided the U.S. military-industrial-complex during their illegal occupation) but do their very best to articulate why we must defend the rights of our domestic enemies–an especially telling affair as to who or what their philosophy really defends.

The freedom idiot lies about people by deliberately distorting or misinterpreting words.

The freedom idiot’s perception that the public is stupid to no resolve is that sowing of the burnt offering which God punishes with His final rebuke by throwing these false shepherds into that eternal lake of fire.

Fight for what is real and not for what never was or ever will be.

Abolish war and every infringement of individual sovereignty.

Fight for the cause of Liberty.