Journalist Roots

TheRoot of Journalism
Made to fly.

We the people author the death of tyranny.

I read a day’s old tweet today from a journalist that read, “The only journalist in the west is Julian Assange. Let that sink in.”

The message caused me to sit back in my Texas mesquite-wood chair and ponder at the destitution the people impose on their self since the message left with me a taste of the proclivity for disgruntled journalists to place the solution to their perception of the world’s problems on one individual while simultaneously broadstroking a type of absolute hate atop an entire hemisphere of the earth.

There are journalists fighting for the soul of their own nation in every nation across the face of this earth.

Of course, if we use this journalist’s definition of journalism as the guide-wires and winds then certainly Julian Assange is the only journalist left in the west; though, if this were true then what this journalist is ultimately saying (and His original message is an ultimatum) is He has given up on Julian because in His own admitted implication even He reveals He is not a journalist since He implies only a journalist can save Julian and only from His own omniscience weighing the strengths of the earth does He find Himself and the world wanting, therefore, “to surrender is victory.” This man is a cull!

I love Julian Assange and I am, and certainly the journalists of the world, are offended that someone would so arrogantly speak for Julian Assange or use His name to defame the efforts of countless journalists exposing corruption the world over (along with devoting time every day and week toward freeing Julian Assange).

Not every journalist is publicly known like not every hero’s story is told.

Not every journalist has a Twitter account nor is their story designed for the world or might it be safe for them to access the Internet at all.

Look no further than the countless artists and musicians of our past who were all but ignored, impoverished, or ostracized their entire life to know that before their being recognized the world was being prepared to narrowly worship their works the world over for each day and century to follow; not that I condone idolatry, but, this point is significant to make to outline the hypocrisy and even isolation of the narrow-mindedness of dim cliques using the name of one to showcase their being hurt by the world’s opinions or their own self-inflicted psychologies.

What about the journalists in Colombia fighting cartel and official corruption? Colombia is still the west; right? Or was the slight at “the west” speaking particularly toward America since, in these dim cliques, it has become so trendy, and, cliché to blame America for everything (yes our government is hijacked but these occupiers are not America; they are being routed.); not like six hundred and forty million Indians defecating in public every day (twice the population of America) is culturally degrading or moving the opposite direction of what civilization means.

What about the journalists in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, or Venezuela fighting the same tyranny imposing it’s will upon us all the world over?

The root of this hysteria failing to prove it’s psychopathic and narcisstic point that there are no journalists in the west is driven by their own obsession with personal fame and carnal wealth and therefore, in their predatory thinking, true journalism is first measured by the fame one acquires under official persecution and not in the actions we the people take to secure the victory for us all.

What this pseudo-journalist, an operative or agent of the New World Order, even, is truly saying: “Everyone in the west who is engaging in journalism needs to stop doing what they are doing and worship me for making the point that they are not journalists at all.” With so many hundreds of thousands of people wallowing along His side we must politically aim to disarm this narrative and reveal to them true leadership and not pissing and moaning about wasted opportunity.

Never-mind the fact that “the west” is a false construct; though, we must continue in proving His original narrative as the fruit of spite and not journalism; of course, much of this degeneracy is driven by the social-engineering of “white man bad” since, if that hateful journalist, and His list of hare-brained followers had to expand on this topic, would add a caveat to their opinion by excluding the Chinese restaurant-owner chasing the American dream; no, “it is that white man there; He is to blame..err, He is a Muslim.. I mean that white man over there!” The reaching.. is tired.

What a stunning and brave point! Every one of those Congress and Senate members and local County seats and State seats that these journalists helped to change from a military-industrial-complex-occupied seat into a seat for the defense of we the people the world over: right, just send them home and stop changing those small seats; let the official corruption in Colombia and Texas continue and grow; small victories are not victories; quick; everyone: let’s pull up a chair and see what else this tiny journalist has to say about how bad of a job everyone else is doing and let us all admire the cliques practicing their hate-jokes toward America. Hate the player: blame the New World Order; blame your own family for making your own nation infinitely more despicable than America; no, blame your self for not desiring the knowledge to bring vision into the world for more clear resolve; and, the beauty of this idea is that liberty does not need to be rediscovered: the ideas are available and proven true and accurate.

What is the responsibility of the journalist but to hold authority accountable and how else can this be accomplished fully but with free speech and a society engaged in that debate in order that the progenitor of that society’s strength of free speech is defended and sets the cornerstone for the free speech of the rest of society so that the people can be reminded from time to time of their liberties or the loss thereof?

And those journalists that exposed the Mexican cartels from El Paso, Texas that were beheaded and then had their bodies strung to a bridge: not journalists? You sick and mad bastard. My gut tells me what this fake journalist wanted to say is, “There are no other white journalists in the west.” Sick philosophy is sick.

If ever there was a root of journalism on this earth then that root is the nation of America. What in the hell does Scotland have to show for their journalism that is like America? Nepal? India? Serbia? Croatia? Zimbabwe? Korea? Kazakhstan? Norway? Portugal? Iceland? Germany? The U.K.?

Excuse me while I vomit.

Our families did not begin with the American revolution. The Magna Carta!? Revolutions going back many millennia! The Levant! Our very epigenetics lead, guide, and direct what is true journalism: fighting tyranny; give me Liberty or give me Death.

Spiteful journalists need to wake up and realize that of the three hundred and fifty million people in America (who can accurately say what is the total population of the Americas? Census counters in the Colombian, Peruvian, and Brazilian jungles? Get real. Wake up. “Oh, no, satellites can count now..!” (smh)) there is an irate minority of Americans, at least a fervent fifty million large, and that number is greater than the total population of many nations on this earth and is absolutely, without any doubt, the largest free army on earth with no allegiance but to the almighty living God of this universe and not to any government of man; and, this alone makes us the fortress and the hedge designed against what you wrongly say we precisely represent.

And if you can not understand human rights, civil rights, equal rights, to the extent this means every individual on this earth was born with the unalienable rights under the authority of a living God, superseding all authority of men, to their liberty and especially their free speech and civil defense and that does mean the right to bear arms then you totally dismiss the role of journalism and in no way represent or even hold an awareness of the root of journalism; the heart of journalism.

I am sitting in Texas; afterall, an accident of happenstance according to many of you. My family did not found this country.. it was luck that knocked on our door and said, “Here ya go!” Not a product of labor or love! No.. “white devil kill Indian!” How sophisticated!

Tell me then: why does Texas fly six flags; why did Natives ally with my family and the free people in America before it was America to aid humanity in the overthrow of the British empire. You will not explain this fact because you are a liar that delights in sleeping.

Tell me then: why do these same breathless pundits that blame America for everything (and not the hostile design occupying our government from within as well as the governments of the world) simultaneously claim that the Natives wanted to live as slaves under the British empire and the world was better off with the British enslaving the world and no people on earth want to live with their own liberty free from collectivist-rule.

I am an expert in these type of affairs to the extent the important details are common sense, the proof is in the pudding, and not some result of this fake clique power with supposed ideas too sophisticated for mankind. It was, after-all, the general public that woke up and overthrew the world empire; and, it will always only ever be the general public that receives the information and then wakes up and overthrows the world empire; this is the fight people must be included in and not told they are not invited; this is the animating contest of liberty.

Naturally the world is messed up; the solutions are in our visions and the warnings are in our dreams; though, none of this will work without the action people must take to secure the victory of liberty over tyranny on this earth.

What this means is that every self-aware and free-thinking individual that agrees individual liberty is superior to tyranny must agree with all of liberty; otherwise they simply pile on to the tyranny in opposition against us as a sour apple spoils the barrel; thus, iron must sharpen iron but iron is not iron without being iron in the first place: guided by one potential.

This is the knowledge which makes we the people the root of journalism.

This is the knowledge which brought the world into a mass exodus that led to America.

The world underwent a change of heart and decided to destroy the battle-lines of tyranny by uniting as one mind, one love, with freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

When pursuing what freedom of speech means therein lies the greater powers: freedom of self-defense; sovereignty; self-rule; ultimately: freedom from sin; yeah, a world of willed empowerment and not the wilt of destitution.

These breathless pundits when they tell me I am not allowed to defend myself are attempting to force me under the subjugation of a government enforcing it’s subjects to commit sin as their official rules and regulations in allowing certain individuals rights while restricting the rights of others: “normal” according to the spiritually dishonest; authoritarianism! Collectivism!!!!!

Equal rights is exactly as it means and the world is yet to know the totality of such governance in one nation let alone the entire world.

And it is in that light that we know and I know in my heart that the west is truly filled with millions of journalists fighting to overthrow the juggernaut of tyranny rising as a beast over the horizon and if you had not seen or known of it and the elements of powers which arise from the west to countervail it then the coldness of the east will consume you as a swarm of drones and silence.

The solution is for we the people of this earth to water the tree of liberty; and, with it’s roots right here in America: we need more free-thinking people to mass exodus into our lands and adjoin with us in the efforts of our ancients; somewhere in heaven they cry in joy and sing in praise at how far we have come and how much better positioned for victory we stand.