Clay to Foot

Clay to Foot
Secure The Victory.

Be united. Be Americans. Let there be no sectionalism, no North, no South, no East, no West. You are all dependent one upon another. Beware of insidious attacks upon the Constitution, which is the great bulwark of your liberties. Beware of the evil effects of partisan politics. Keep the departments of government separate. Promote education. Preserve the public credit. Avoid public debt. Observe justice and good faith toward all nations. Have neither passionate hatred nor passionate attachment for any, and be politically independent of all. – President George Washington

We live in a world; rather, we were pre-chosen and delivered into this world which was not of our own making; though, the world’s entire design was made by God to be forever altered by a unique purpose for which God designed equally within us all when, in the beginning, He called of our duty.

The apathetic would respond to such a statement with abject hatred (for this is their only rudder as is the only rudder for the Godless): “There was no purpose or fulfillment for that child whom died of cancer! Women can kill the parasites in them if they want to; it isn’t a child: it’s a parasite; it’s their body-their choice!”

In the former and latter scenario is juxtaposed, crudely, a new world and old world order.

The old world order constantly invents, and reuses, sinister dialects to portray an illusion that they were the new world; even going so far as to calling their invented purpose: The New World Order; though, with mild research common sense reveals their origin as the old world order of central banks and standing armies; in-fact, this old world order is more rightly portrayed as clay: stretched across earth and even made stationary by the will of man.

The religion of the clay is pulling down the imagination of the individual into the old world order which is as a prison system guarded by one of it’s four false gods (also stated as beasts, or kings;) standing at each corner and even blowing as winds.

Those gods are named North, South, East, and West and are as the ancient governments which move as formless shadows through the languages and times as they corrupt the minds of men and act as that force of tyranny; that calm containing every despotism which separates love from the family and removes families from the world.

From each of these gods is born the elements of every other impurity disguised as a mycology of factions to be the government and false power subjugating the individual to a life separate from the powers of their own imagination; an awareness without the power of God at-hand; an awareness without self-preservation and by that: a desire to plunder.

The imagination of the individual is pre-designed with the knowledge of the old world order; and, the new world from which their imagination functions: the source of creation and the fabric of the universe.

The imagination envisions the juxtaposition of the old world and the new world as one wherein the old world is the hell foretold of and in that hell are the false powers of North, South, East, and West; while the new world is that heaven set before our eyes in the life after the moment from whence we vacate and then enter into by each moment the universe energetically manifests.

What separates the old world and the new world is as a thin veil which is as clear as clear glass but dark enough for the imagination to scan; while it’s presence is as the bottomlessness of the sea to the apathetic, to the captives, and to the surrendered.

North, South, East, and West is an ancient device: mistakenly thought to be perfect though it is entirely invisible; albeit, disastrously capable of suffering centuries of civilization.

This device is an illusion; lukewarm; purgatory; indifference; uncertainty; apathy; bitterness; despair; weakness; and wickedness at it’s root.

There is only liberty or tyranny in the universe; the two poles of power; life or death; heaven or hell; hot or cold.

Look up for life or down for death.

North, South, East, or West is the device of civilization’s torments.

Love and joy is the new world uniting all religions as one people; the cornerstone of civilization; the foot which arose from one breath and tread the clay.